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What to Do with Old Books: Responsible and Sustainable Advice

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It is crucial to know what to do with old books if you want to keep up with sustainable living and declutter regularly. Actually, this problem pertains not only to books and old magazines but also all kinds of your possessions. While it’s common knowledge that we can sell or give away our clothing or furniture on Craigslist and eBay, how should you dispose of the old books? 


5 Tips on How to Make Money after College while Job Hunting

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You’ve worked hard to graduate! Now you’re urgently looking for a well-paid job to make money after college. But the prospects often don’t seem as blissful as you’ve expected as the job market is tough and over-flooded with recent graduates. It may take up to half a year of job hunting before you land your secure position. It’s also quite time-consuming as you often have to do test assignments, while some recruitment teams have a very lengthy turn-around, so you’ll hear from them in a few weeks at best.


Discover BookScouter Pro Tools: Make Money by Selling Books Online

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It is no secret you can make money selling books online. BookScouter is a great platform for finding the most profitable deals to sell books. However, for high-volume users, we have an ace in the hole — BookScouter Pro Tools. They help track the best deals and books currently in demand and manage books in bulk. Want to maximize your profit from selling books online? Let’s unpack how these pro tools work.


Student Loan Debt vs. Textbook Rental: A Certain Way to Reduce College Costs  

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Student loan debt remains a massive problem of our generation in the US that ballooned in the past decade. The issue of student debt and unjustifiably high college costs was accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemics. Although the problem is systemic and no easy fix can be found, as a student, there is a way for you to cut some of the college expenses down, and that’s when textbook rental comes into play.


5 Best Price Comparison Apps and Tools for Shopping: Save Money on Groceries, Clothing, Books, and Other Essentials

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When shopping, we are often hunted by the thought — “Am I getting the best deal? Can I find this item for a better price somewhere else?” It is quite paralyzing, isn’t it? Price comparison apps will not save you millions on shopping just because you’ve downloaded them, but these tools will definitely make your life easier. Price comparison tools find the cheapest offer for a given item so that you can make a better choice. You will spare time wasted on endless browsing and save money on books, groceries, clothing, and other goods. Do you want to know what these price comparison apps are? Here we’ve picked our five absolute favorites.