10 Most Searched Sociology Books on BookScouter in 2021

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Whilst reading academic material isn’t always the most exciting activity, it is sometimes necessary, especially if you are a college student, with an upcoming exam, or conducting research to complete essays and papers for your course. We’ve rounded up the top 10 most searched sociology books on BookScouter to help narrow down your options when looking for your next textbook and highlight popular ones among students.


Launched: Buyback Price Alerts

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You can now get email notifications when the price hits your desired threshold for any of the 200.000+ books listed on BookScouter.com. We give you Buyback Price Alerts.

Introducing Buyback Price Alerts

Here at BookScouter.com, we believe that everyone should have access to the best buyback price, but how do you know when that price is just right? Whether you’re looking to get some cash for your college books or sell books on a regular basis, we’ve launched Buyback Price Alerts to help you get more bang for your buck.


All You Need to Know about Instructor Edition Textbooks: Buying, Using, and Selling

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You’ve definitely encountered phrases like “Instructor Edition Textbooks” or “Teacher’s Edition Textbooks” when hunting for affordable books for college. Let’s figure out what this whole thing is about and answer the most pressing questions: are these kinds of faculty textbooks the same? Is selling instructor edition textbooks illegal? Do instructor edition textbooks have content identical to student editions? 


A Loose Leaf Book (aka. Binder-Ready): A Cheap Alternative or a Gamble?

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Textbooks come in many kinds and sizes! We’re used to hardcover and softcover (paperback) books from our childhood, and now eBooks are becoming more and more popular, also at colleges. What about loose leaf textbooks, or so-called binder-ready editions? They’re not as common but still used from time to time, and there are rumors that these textbooks are cheaper. What’s the deal with loose leaf textbooks? Let’s explore all the ins and outs together. 


7 TED Talks On The Benefits of Reading Fiction

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Nobody is going to challenge the power and importance of reading in our modern society built of texts and images. However, while chasing after productivity and profits, the benefits of reading fiction (as opposed to non-fiction) are often neglected. We perceive reading only as a practical tool for acquiring knowledge but not as much as a joyful process valuable on its own.