Mystery novels are a staple of the popular reading lists. Bookstore shelves prominently feature new titles and continuing series. But how did they get their start? The first mystery novel and thus the creation of a new genre was a short story about a detective by American writer Edgar Allen Poe in 1841. There are multiple subgenres of mystery/crime fiction novels. They can fall into four key categories: Detective Novels, Cozy Mysteries, Police Procedural, Caper Stories, or up to a more expansive list of twelve, as seen here (learn the differences between Hardboiled or Softboiled, Cozy or Domestic). It seems no matter the style, mystery novels will continue to be a favorite and ever-evolving genre. 

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Most mystery novels follow the same outline. First, there is a crime. The detective (professional or amateur) works on solving the mystery by questioning suspects and searching for clues. An unexpected twist shocks them—and the reader—and leads to the last remaining piece of the puzzle to solve the mystery.

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