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What’s Cookin’? Selling an Expensive Cookbook Can Heat Up Some Cash

Flipping book By November 11, 2020 No Comments

It’s the time of year for a lot of holiday cooking and baking. As you dust off an old cookbook and consider letting it go to make extra space, you might want to first check BookScouter.com to see the current value. If it’s really old, you may want to have it appraised by an antique book dealer.

You might decide to hold on to your vintage cookbooks and then pass them down to a family member. Perhaps you come across a rare find — a really expensive cookbook — and decide to sell it. Or you might decide that a vintage cookbook would make a thoughtful gift for a cook or collector you know. 


Discover the Best Spooky Books: From Classic Horror to the Newest Halloween Reads

All about books By October 7, 2020 No Comments

It’s that time of year when you begin to feel a chill in the air, the dark nights start to get longer and you yearn to curl up with a suspenseful tale. We get your October mood and have compiled a list of the best spooky books. You can get them online using BookScouter, and we promise, you won’t get scared of prices — they are really chilled. Moreover, our pricing tool does all the price searching for you! So check out our list, but BEWARE of what great books you may find.


Awesome Apps Every College Student Needs

Study tips By August 27, 2020 No Comments

Sometimes the difference between success and failure is having the right tools. Luckily, today there are a ton of great apps every college student needs to get through a busy semester. Work smarter in college (no way!) with these awesome apps that we picked to assist with everything from notetaking and time-management, to sleep and healthy eating.  You should totally check these out.