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Awesome Apps Every College Student Needs

College, Mobile By August 27, 2020 No Comments

Awesome Apps Every College Student Needs

Sometimes the difference between success and failure is having the right tools. Luckily for students today there are a ton of great apps that are often free to help them get through a busy semester. Work smarter in college (no way!) with these awesome apps that we picked to assist with everything from notetaking and time-management, to sleep and healthy eating.  You should totally check these out…

Use in the classroom

Soundnote – lets you type or draw while recording a lecture

Evernote – takes notes, to-do lists, reminders, clip anything from the web and share easily with classmates

Otter – records lectures and lets you do keyword searches 

OfficeLens – converts images like whiteboards to editable documents

awesome apps every college student needs

Use to study for exams

StudyBlue – a top site for flashcards, content library and works with different student learning styles 

Brainscape – make flashcards customizable or use their for standardized exams like the GRE or MCAT

GoConqr – offers flashcards and quizzes plus tools like Mind Maps to connect complex concepts

TopGrade –  another great choice for flashcards, courses, quizzes, and a bonus–language tutorials

Use to write a paper

Grammarly – checks grammar, wordiness, and works on lots of platforms

EasyBib – use for creating your citations in the proper style format

Coggle – create a Mind Map to structure your paper

Dragon Dictation – this app is handy if you aren’t a fast typer or you can use to break writer’s block

awesome apps every college student needs

Use to get organized

Timetable – very aesthetically pleasing time management app is easy to set up and has lots of options to customize 

myHomework – try this cross-platform organizer to access assignments and reminders for due dates

Mint – manage your money, track your monthly spending, and set a budget–good lessons to learn for life

Flipd – helps keep your focus and manage your time 

awesome apps every college student needs

Use for your well being

SleepCycle – track, monitor and analyze to get your best sleep

Alarmy – you are NOT sleeping through this alarm

Fooducate – track your eating and set goals –bonus it tells you foods to stay away from

MapMyFitness – lets you find running routes, link with lots of devices, and challenge friends

Wisedrinking – responsible drinking app to track alcohol consumption

Smartwatcher – connect with other friends to let them know where you are and stay safe walking home

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The Studentpreneur Show Episode Seventeen: Taking Advantage of College Accelerators – With MyFetalLife creator, Riya Shah

College, General, Media, Mobile, Podcast By November 29, 2019 No Comments

“Age is just a number.”

High school senior Riya Shah developed the concept for her business, MyFetalLife, when she was just a freshman, at age 15. Taegan interviewed Riya on The Studentpreneur Show about her amazing story of building a business while still roaming high school halls.

Riya was inspired by her mother’s pregnancy with her. Being the first child, the pregnancy with Riya held lots of unknowns and new experiences for her parents. Her mom traveled to the hospital several times due to Braxton-Hicks contractions, which, Riya adds, developed more stress and anxiety for her parents.

What is MyFetalLife?

Wanting to help women navigate their pregnancy with more peace of mind, Riya patented her concept and started MyFetalLife.

MyFetalLife is now an app with over 12 thousand users!

The app now contains numerous features beneficial for women trying to conceive through birth. The app also hosts a forum for women who have used the app to share their stories and opportunities for families to engage by sharing their due date predictions.


This free app for pregnant women offers many beneficial features throughout pregnancy.

How did a 15-year-old high school student learn how to start a business?

Riya shares that her family was incredibly supportive–always helpful at any age and any endeavor.

One of the most beneficial experiences she had when starting MyFetalLife was enrolling in the LaunchIt program at the University of Louisville. While Riya was the youngest person in the program, she learned how to create a business plan, start, and run her business in this ten-week business accelerator.

Like most businesses, Riya also has the guidance and support of a board of advisors, investors, and a great tech team. Riya’s mom also helps her make wise decisions through it all.

Over the past couple of years, Riya and her team have learned so much about building a sustainable business. First, the app already has a strong partnership with the American Pregnancy Association, which further legitimizes their resources for women. They have also come across a few hurdles. By listening to their customers and anticipating needs they now have a thriving app that helps over ten thousand pregnant women through this free service.

Riya reminds us that “age is just a number.”

Inspired by Riya? Us too! With passion and support, we can all do anything!

Listen to the full Studentpreneur Show episode HERE!

Share the free MyFetalLife app with someone who can use extra support during her pregnancy.