Moola4Books and Buyback101 Added

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I’ve just finished adding two new vendors to the site, bringing to total number of searchable sites up to 43. Moola4Books is a company based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana that has been buying and selling books since 2008. The initial pricing that I’ve see looks like these guys have pretty competitive pricing. is based out of Florida and specializes in K-12 books, so they may buy some of those books in quantities that other textbook companies won’t.

I’ve had a good amount of communication with both companies prior to getting them enabled today. Both seem very eager to provide excellent customer service and to provide accurate and prompt payments. I’d encourage you to give them a try when you see the opportunity. And please remember to leave feedback once you have completed a transaction or two.


Students: Send Us Your Required List of Books

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It seems that students across the country are complaining about the rising cost of textbooks. However, we believe that students who buy and sell their books online can pay less for their books than ever before. There is more and more competition with companies who want to buy those used books. The competition is so fierce, in fact, that you can often sell a book back for almost as much as you paid for it. We’d like to gather some data from real students who are currently in college. If you are a student, or know a student, please submit the following:




ISBNs from your required textbooks:

We’re then going to go through all of the submitted data and try to calculate how much students are paying for books, and how much they could save if they bought and sold them online.

Feel free to submit responses to this thread, or to email them to us at


Mobile Site Issues Resolved

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I had previously been running the mobile site and the iPhone application off of an older server. That server had some problems yesterday and the mobile site was down for some period of time until I got that fixed this morning. I have had plans to move those pieces over to the newer servers, but the problems from yesterday gave it the urgency needed to get that done. The good news is that the mobile site and iPhone apps now use the same infrastructure as the main websites which is more scalable and reliable. Additionally, some of the newer vendors which weren’t available on those platforms are now available as well.
I apologize for the inconvenience caused by those being inaccessible, but they should be working well now along with some other fixes that have been planned as well.