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Pricing Multiple Books at a Time

All about books By April 14, 2009 No Comments

I have had a ‘hidden’ page available for a while where users can enter multiple ISBNs and look up approximate pricing for all of the books on one screen. That page is available at http://bookscouter.com/multi.php and available for anybody to use. It works similarly to the Paperback Swap Lookup that I posted about recently. The pricing displayed is from the last time the book was looked up on the site, and it provides a link for you to refresh with the current prices.

I’m posting this here in hopes of gathering some feedback about how it works, and how you think it might be done better. As usual, feel free to comment here, or send me a message if you have any comments or suggestions.


Barnes and Noble Fixed

News & Updates By March 31, 2009 No Comments

Several people have notified me that Barnes and Noble’s pricing was not showing up on the site. It looks like they had changed the design of the site which broke the program that checked on their prices.
That has been corrected now, and Barnes and Noble’s pricing should be showing up correctly now.


Cell Phone Recommendations

News & Updates By March 17, 2009 3 Comments

I had somebody email me the other day about a cell phone recommendation, and I’m not sure how to reply. If anybody has a recommendation for which cell phone might work best for use while buying books, please comment.

“I am in the market for a new cell phone and would like one that would allow me to scan book isbn #’s. I shop at a lot of thrift stores and garage sales and believe some type of bar code scanner would be very helpful. Could you tell me what I need to look for in a phone?”


Which Vendors Buy The Most Titles

News & Updates By March 5, 2009 3 Comments

I had a user ask me if I had any statistics that showed which of the merchants had offers on books the most frequently. This site records enough data to provide some interesting reports like that, so I took a little while to come up with it.
This graph shows the relative number of times that a vendor had a price for a title. The data goes back to the first of the year, so some of the vendors that were added since then show up lower than they normally would.


If you have some other type of report or graph that you might like to see, please comment with some details about what you are looking for! Send me an email, and I’ll see if it is something that I can do.